by Lifehold

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Full Length Coming Fall 2017


releases October 13, 2017

Vocals - Hayden
Guitar - Cameron Crosbie
Bass - Kolton Rude
Drums - Anthony Roybal

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tyson Chavis
Album Art by Cameron Crosbie (Modelled by Emily Kester)




all rights reserved


Lifehold Ogden, Utah

Northern Utah Hardcore


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Track Name: Cut The Ties
I'm going to set this straight before you get it twisted
This life I live is nothing but mine
I'm pursuing something that probably doesn't mean shit to you
It was never supposed to
Open your eyes, open your mind
Try to understand what I'm telling you
Cut the ties, no longer blind
I'm not falling for your bullshit too
This my expression, my passion
I've given everything I am
This was never meant to please you
And we'll never see eye to eye 'til I turn my back
Cut the ties
Cut the ties
This has everything to do with me
How is it so hard for you to see that you don't mean shit to me and you never will
This has always been about me finding myself without pleasing you
That's my fucking choice
Keep your concerns to yourself and trust me when I say, "I'll be fucking fine."
Trust me when I say,
"I'll be fucking fine."